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Styling Sherri Chipps Photographs Patrick Toselli, Elsa Young Original text Sarah Buitendach When February 2010 Where Monaghan Farm, Gauteng What A simple-lined, concrete-and-steel house… Perched on a hill in the Monaghan Farm eco-estate development about 45 minutes outside Jo’burg, this house took shape with the help of leading Jo’burg architect Enrico Daffonchio. Although it has views of the countryside that seem to go on forever, from the entrance of the property the structure appears to emerge from behind a mound of brilliantly green grass dotted with trees. ‘We wanted the house to have an element of magic, so we played with the idea of it being dramatically revealed as you approach it,’ says owner Lauren Wallet. Who Jonathan Liebmann and Lauren Wallet By Daffonchio & Associates, 011-447-8118,

‘We liked the idea of the guest rooms having a hotel feel – they even have little Soaps and shampoo bottles’  – Lauren Wallet