Boxing Clever on Waterkloof Ridge
A cottage on Waterkloof Ridge is turned into a contemporary dream home
Haute Houghton Living
This lofty family apartment in Joburg is at once sophisticated and warm
Radiant Showstopper
International contemporary design is the hero in this light-filled Joburg home
A Living Canvas
An art lover's serene Joburg home is somewhere between gallery, library and monastery
A Brilliant Metamorphosis
A once run-down Cape Town Victorian is now an easy-going, eclectic beauty
European Soul
This cosy yet sophisticated Cape Town semi is all about vivid colours and hand-painted patterns
A Gathering Space
This contemporary abode in Joburg's Parkhurst reflects its owners' love of entertaining
Visual Stillness
A contemporary Modernist home in Joburg's Forest Town is as timeless as it is current
A Considered Curation
A modernist home in Forest Town, Johannesburg is both well ordered and intriguing
Build a home over time
Anatomy Design’s co-owner fuses simplicity and rich history in her low-key Parktown North home