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What does a dream home mean to you? A home of the future? A space for its inhabitants to find solace? A place that improves the quality of their lives? HL chatted to Saint Gobain, the world leaders in habitat and construction, and sponsors of the 2015 HL House of the Year VOTE & WIN competition, about the meaning of the award, sustainable building and more: What does the accolade ‘Home of the Year’ signify? At Saint-Gobain we understand and create great homes. As the worldwide leader in sustainable habitat solutions, we are honored to be the sponsor of the 2015 Home of the Year. Combining our commitment to building homes that improve habitat and everyday life, we are constantly innovating to make living spaces more comfortable, cost-efficient and sustainable worldwide. 98R7549 Tell us about your eco-house, Stand 47, and the importance of sustainability: When we launched Stand 47, not only was this a strong story in the global market about sustainability, it showed our commitment as a company to evolve as a business and adapt to the market within which we operate. Stand 47 sees the building of an energy efficient home at Monaghan Farm that acts as a case study to demonstrate that housing in South Africa can be successfully executed using energy efficient materials, while retaining the qualities of permanence and longevity associated with traditional homes. As a company, we view this project as the perfect opportunity to create awareness of other building methodologies, systems and innovative new products we have launched. It also showcases real current solutions that can be applied to solving the housing and energy crises in South Africa. DSCF5690 What is different about the products you create and use when constructing homes? The products that we create are designed to solve the housing and energy crisis by way of creating homes that engage our senses and are healthy environments in which to raise a family. Stand 47 is built using state-of-the-art materials that focus on comfort and are warm to touch, absorb pollutants from the air and regulate internal temperature (without mechanical heating or cooling) and contain sound within each room. For us, the alignment with Home of the Year was not only relevant for our brand as a whole considering our latest juncture, but the ideal synergy in adopting innovative ways that will enable consumers to experience not only the sustainability benefits but also the comfort gained through using our products and building systems. DSCF3742 For more information visit and To VOTE for your favourite House of the Year and stand a chance to win big yourself, click HERE.