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22 Must-Have Storage Items

Anyone living in a home with limited space knows the importance of clever storage solutions that aren't just functional but are visually appealing too. From graphic fabric baskets and sleek shelves to copper cosmetics organisers and vintage trunks, we've rounded up 22 options that'll make living in a cramped apartment that much easier.

1. cotton container

This fabric storage basket from Love Milo comes with a water-resistant inner and is perfect for hiding away anything from kids' toys to laundry. love milo basket

2. branch out

Bulky coats taking up too much space in your cupboard. This wood and mild steel Tree coat stand from Pedersen and Lennard is a stylish solution. Hat Stand

3. shelve it

These display shelves by B&K Design and Decor aren't just ideal for organising those bits and bobs that don't yet have a home; they make for a striking wall feature too. Available from Superbalist. ShelvesSuperbalist

4. scarf storage

Isn't this non-slip scarf hanger from Woolworths just the niftiest thing? scarf hanger

5. customisable cubes

You can arrange these open cubes from Lim in any configuration that best meets your storage needs. Cubes

6. vanity shelf

This laser-cut copper-plated shelf from Leg Studios will help you to keep all your beauty and hair products in one place while de-cluttering your bathroom space. vanity

7. trinket trays

Spanish designer Nestor Campos has created this neat range of oak trays for Normann Copenhagen to help out homeowners who need a way to structure all the little objects in their living spaces that just create mess. Astro

8. go potty

Zana's lined soft pots can be used to pack away stationery, beauty products, kitchen odds and ends and any other knick-knacks you have around the house. zana

9. wardrobe woes

The bold Hotel Rail from Dokter and Misses is the perfect solution for anyone who doesn't have much wardrobe space. It comes in a range of colours, including grey, red and teal. Hotel Rail

10. basket case

We love these yellow seagrass storage baskets from @home, which not only help to keep your space neat but also add a pop of colour to your home. basketed

11. a trunk for junk

This beautiful wooden trunk from Mr Price Home is a great home for linen or any other items you haven't found storage room for, and it looks lovely too. trunk2

12. grassy bathroom organiser

Prop up your toothbrush, toothpaste and other bathroom goods in this clever grass-like organiser from Superbalist. grass1

13. secret stash

Your guests will never know that you've got all your bits and bobs hidden away inside this clever bed box ottoman from Sutherlands Home Furnishing. bed box

14. kitchen tool keeper

Keep your spatula, whisk, ladle and basting brush neatly together thank to Le Creuset's sleek utensil holder, which is available in most of the brand's vibrant colours. LeCreuseted

15. cradle for your collectibles

No matter what you store in this colourful round straw basket from Weylandts, it's bound to make for an eye-catching addition to your home. weylandts

16. bin your bread

If you're keen to add a touch of rustic charm to your kitchen, this oak Laid Back Co bread bin, which can fit two loaves, will do the trick. Du Pain Bread Bin 1

17. an office essential

We're struggling to think of a hipper way to neaten up and arrange your desk stationery than with this ceramic organiser set designed to look like a city skyline. It's conceptualised by Seletti and available from Generation. desk

18. rack up mags

This copper and fabric magazine rack from Zana is a beautiful place to store all those House and Leisure issues. Magazine

19. peg away

Organise all those little loose items that end up lying around in corners with this wooden peg board - it includes 14 black and white pegs. Get it at Mono. peg

20. wall pockets

Inspired by a bulging shirt pocket, these simple wall-mounted units by Danish designer Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen are sleek, decorative storage options for kitchen utensils, cosmetics, magazines, plants and any other trinkets you have cluttering corners. Pocket

21. paper storehouse

Keep all those important documents and records safe in this industrial 10-drawer filing cabinet made in part from reclaimed metal from factories and train yards. Get it at Weylandts. cabinet

22. rungs for stuff

We can't think of a room that wouldn't be instantly transformed by the addition of this polished, super practical ladder shelf from Lim. ladder Main image: wall-mounted pocket organiser from Normann Copenhagen.

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