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Treat your Skin

We're all after glowing, healthy looking skin, but the truth is, the journey has become a long and winding one with information overload, a new, miracle product a day and numerous expert sources advocating different routes. At the heart of it all, good skincare comes down to honest ingredients...and that's what Cape Town's leading skin specialist Dr Claire Jamieson has used as the base to her new range- Ordinary Skincare. Manufactured locally using only a handful of basic, trusted ingredients especially suited to dry and sensitive skin, each of the range's products is designed to look after your skin in the way that nature intended. It's with the words plain, simple and honest that she has formulated and launched the Cleanser, Day Cream, Day Cream with SPF30, Night Cream, Eye Gel and Moisturising Balm. Our favourite? The Moisturising Balm for its light consistency, head to heel appeal and deeply nourishing results. The even better news is that as a local brand it's totally affordable! Prices start at R150 and stop at R450. Order yours from and they'll ship it to you free of charge!