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This Sci-Fi Car is Our Future

Brace yourself – you could be looking at the car design your great-great grandchildren will consider old school. Japanese motoring brand Toyota has just debuted a concept car that uses hydrogen fuel-cell technology to power it, dubbed the FCV Plus. The car's sleek, glass-dominant design sets it apart from other concept cars, as does its simple steering column and spacious interior. The car's length is 3.8-metres in length (its wheelbase alone is 3-metres), but most of this space is echoed in the interior. Around 20 years of research and development has paid off for Toyota, with this latest design being revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show this week. Similar to the Mirai which released and sold commercially in Japan last year, the FCV Plus has one up on its predecessor in terms of tech: the ability to share its charge with other cars on the road wirelessly. It does this by generating its electricity from hydrogen which can be stored in its tank or added back into the general power grid. The car is powered by four separate electric motors at each wheel. According to, 'Compressed hydrogen has a higher energy density than electricity, can be generated from a wide range of raw materials, and is easy to store, making it a promising future energy source.' We love the Sci-Fi design and exciting new energy technology. What do you think?   READ MORE: 007 gets new Aston Martin Diggi Dot climbs walls Google wants green living