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Compiled by Bambina Olivares Wise Photographs Supplied AN OLYMPIC EFFORT All eyes turn to London this month as the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games take place. This year’s games promise to be the greenest yet, according to The Environmental Agency and the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA). The centrepiece for this green drive is the Olympic Park, formerly a derelict site transformed by the ODA into an urban park with world-class sporting facilities. ‘We want the park to be lean, mean and green,’ said an ODA spokesperson. Consider the following:

  • The Olympic Stadium is the most lightweight Olympic stadium to date, with minimal use of steel. The roof truss was made out of unwanted gas pipelines, and recycled granite from King George V docks was used for the stadium’s river banks.
  • The Velodrome is almost 100 per cent naturally ventilated. Rainwater is collected from the roof for flushing toilets and for irrigation.
  • The concrete in the Aquatics Centre has a high recycled content and water used to clean the pool filters is recycled for toilet flushing.
  • In total, the sports venues use at least 40 per cent less water than equivalent buildings, due to initiatives such as low-flush toilets and rainwater harvesting.
  • Many of the venues and bridges have living habitat spaces incorporated into walls and roofs.
Olympic Delivery Authority, GREEN LIGHT BMW’s new ActiveHybrid 5 possesses all the features we’ve come to associate with the brand – faultless engineering, sleek styling, dynamic performance – plus maximum effi ciency, thanks to next-generation hybrid technology. It’s called EfficientDynamics and, coupled with the ECO PRO mode, it ensures that energy is used only when it is needed. Read more about the ActiveHybrid 5 in Grand Designs (page 128). See page 152 of our August 2012 Luxury issue to see our other eco-friendly picks...