Green Living

how to pot your own succulents
Potting your own succulents is easier than you think. Here is a step by step guide on how to do it.
8 examples of incredible sustainable architecture
The sustainable use of materials, energy and development space in design
green at heart: boschendal’s visionary food garden
At Boschendal's visionary food garden near Franschhoek, organic produce is flourishing in soil first turned in 1685
The environmentally friendly homes of Atelier Koé
Architecture and design firm Atelier Koé specialise in earth-friendly, off-the-grid homes
Khokho Bags Are Putting Luxury African Craftmanship On The World Stage
The new luxury is sustainable and socially responsible – two defining characteristics of Khokho, the luxury handbag brand that is handcrafted in Swaziland. Khokho bags began as a collaboration between its three founders: creative director Sapna Shah, master weaver and production director Zinhle Vilakati and managing director
how to garden sustainably
Expert advice on how to garden sustainably by choosing water-efficient plants
meet the 30th corobrik architectural student of the year
Jean-Pierre Desvaux De Marigny from the University of KwaZulu-Natal wins the 30th Corobrik Architectural Awards
eat green and choose fish sustainably
Choose fish sustainably and preserve our valuable marine environment
A cup with a conscience
Meet the hippest reusable takeaway coffee cup on the market
Sure, we may be passionate about our coffee, but it often comes in a take-away cup that we grab on the way to work, without giving much thought to where that cup will go – which is on a rubbish dump. More than 100 billion single-use coffee cups worldwide are discarded each year and end up as landfill. Concerned about this unsustainable waste, David McKlagan founded Ecoffee Cup in 2014 with a simple philosophy – have fun and do good. These reusable cups are made from bamboo fibre and corn starch, and are BPA and phthalate free. The naturally sterile cup (no taste residue) is easy to transport, user-friendly and dish