Green Living

The environmentally friendly homes of Atelier Koé
Architecture and design firm Atelier Koé specialise in earth-friendly, off-the-grid homes
meet the 30th corobrik architectural student of the year
Jean-Pierre Desvaux De Marigny from the University of KwaZulu-Natal wins the 30th Corobrik Architectural Awards
eat green and choose fish sustainably
Choose fish sustainably and preserve our valuable marine environment
We all love a good fish dish, but over-fishing and the exploitation of our oceans is one of the most pressing environmental challenges we face as a generation. In addition, the growing pressure we are placing on our natural resources is rapidly depleting our environment. The facts are undeniable. The dramatic increase of fish co
how to garden sustainably
Expert advice on how to garden sustainably by choosing water-efficient plants
A cup with a conscience
Meet the hippest reusable takeaway coffee cup on the market
5 Misconceptions about Green Homes
Architect Christiaan van Aswegen debunks some of the myths around sustainable buildings
Ride in an electric car
The UberGreen pilot project comes to Cape Town
Eat Your Utensils
Edible cutlery might be the future
We’ve seen it start to happen here and there – celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal has experimented with edible knives, napkins and more and recently The Grind cafe in Joburg started serving coffee in cups made from ice cream cones – but the new Bakeys line of spoons appears to be the world’s first real attempt at launching mass-produced cutlery you can eat. Narayana Peesapaty, the founder of the Indian-based company, came up with the idea for the range of edible eating tools when he saw people using khakhra (thin crackers) to scoop up food on a flight. His objective was to address a number of issues