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Ride in an electric car

Capetonians, if you're big on green living and have always wanted to drive in an all-electric vehicle, now is your time. The UberGreen pilot project that ran in Johannesburg between 9 May and 3 June 2016 is coming to Cape Town from 13 June to 18 July, giving locals the option to drive in the slick BMW i3 electric vehicle. The fare is no more than that of UberX, but travellers get to experience the car's emission-free e-drive technology and get a taste of the muscle machines of our future. bmwinsitu BMW partnered with Uber on this initiative to raise more awareness around the potential of alternative mobility options and to show riders that electric vehicles are not just a viable option but a handsome one too. Uber's predicting a high demand for this green service in Cape Town, and since there will only be a limited number of BMW i3 cars operating, Uber users will have to be patient. We must say we're excited about the idea of experiencing something novel, but even more enthusiastic about the fact that this might help to kick off a movement towards more sustainable travelling and living.