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SUSTAINABLE STAY If you like your holidays relaxing and luxurious, with a dose of eco-consciousness, head to Hotel Izulu in Ballito, KZN. It’s invested in green measures such as switching to energy-saving light bulbs, and installing ecofriendly showerheads and solar heating to lighten the load on the electricity grid while saving resources for the hotel – particularly in the laundry department. The eco-luxe experience continues at the in house restaurant, Gigi’s Brasserie, with organic, certified free-range and hormone free fare. At the Impilo Spa, the local all-natural TheraVine range is used for beauty treatments. Hotel Izulu, Rey’s Place, Ballito, KwaZulu-Natal, 032-946-3444, A CUT ABOVE The Gourmet Series by Epicurean is made of Eco Select paper from trees that are harvested from certified, managed forests in North America. Easy to maintain, dishwasher safe and equipped with a juice groove to catch liquids from spilling, these non-porous boards will not harbour bacteria. At, from R550. SHADY SKATES Durbanite Dave de Witt has found a use for ‘thrashed’ old skate decks – repurposing them into sunglass frames. Armed with tools, Google and an old skateboard, Dave made a pair of shades to replace a broken pair, and from that prototype, Sk8 Shades was born. The handcrafted range is made using Polaroid lenses, nickel hinges and, of course, old skateboards (from R999). Email Q&A Zimasa Velaphi PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MARKETING MANAGER, COLLECT-A-CAN Nampak Bevcan, DivFood and Collect-a-Can joined up to become the first official African partners of International Canvironment Week, which took place on 10–17 November. We spoke to Collect-a-Can’s Zimasa Velaphi on creating awareness about recycling cans. What advantages do cans have over other kinds of packaging when it comes to recycling? Metal cans are the most recycled form of food and beverage packaging in the world. In South Africa 72 per cent of all beverage cans produced are recovered for recycling, and 56 per cent of all other metal packaging is recovered for recycling; this is significantly higher than any other food and beverage packaging. Metal cans are also effective in terms of transportation as you can fit more in a truck or container than other packaging materials, and they are lighter by comparison. In what ways can canned packaging be recycled? Both steel and aluminium cans are sustainable materials and can be infinitely recycled without ever losing any of their original physical properties. Metal can be converted to anything that requires that particular material – a toaster, parts of motor vehicles or aeroplanes, ships, roofing… How do you think launching an international Canvironment week helped South Africans make a conscious shift to cans over other kinds of packaging? Canvironment Week is a good opportunity to create awareness among our consumers, as a result of education on the inherent ‘green’ qualities of cans. Throughout the week we shared information from across the globe on the sustainability of cans and benefits to the consumer. We continue to encourage consumers to choose products that come in metal packaging in order to help decrease litter and encourage recycling. This article was originally featured in the December 2012 issue of House and Leisure.