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Save water, make beer

With a drought looming over SA, we all know to conserve water, but recycling waste water so that it is fit for consumption is not yet common practice. Making beer out of this ‘grey’ water? That’s exactly what one man has helped make happen in the similarly drought-stricken US state of California, and the results are rather pleasing to the palate. Using purified water recycled from kitchen sinks, clothes washing and showers, Maverick’s Brewing Co has created an India Pale Ale that came out tops in a recent blind test. The idea itself stems from architect Russ Drinker, who realised that California was missing a trick in the water recycling department after he travelled to Singapore and Saudi Arabia, where purification of grey water is common practice. ‘To me, it was the most obvious source of water, and once you have it, it is a really valuable asset,’ he tells SFGate. Lenny Mendonca, the owner of Maverick’s Brewing Company and its holding company Half Moon Bay Brewing Company, saw Drinker’s vision and together they set out to craft a beer that offers up an important message about our resources. Access to NASA’s grey water technology was another big win, especially because it is the same technology used to recycle waste water for astronauts in space, and it helps to send home the message that recycled waste water is absolutely drinkable and safe. The resulting beer got the nod from a variety of experts on a panel during a blind taste test in October 2015, illustrating the important point that Drinker and Mendonca are trying to make that properly recycled water is a safe drinking solution. Watch the short video by Huffington Post: Save