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Q&A: James Fernie

The director of award-winning nonprofit organisation Uthando South Africa is committed to philanthropic tourism within local communities.

What inspired Uthando SA? I grew up during apartheid and developed deep compassion for those victimised by it. In 2007, I combined my life’s experiences with my passion for working with marginalised people, and the huge global network of people who love SA, to create uplifting and significant tours through Uthando.

How do your tours translate to responsible tourism? Uthando is Fair Trade Tourism certified that affords visitors authentic interactions with local community development projects, in the knowledge that they are assisting these groups financially to raise their standard of living.

What areas are addressed by Uthando? We work across all sectors from the elderly, victims of domestic violence and substance abuse through to animal welfare.

This article originally featured in the November 2014 issue of House and Leisure.