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Plant Trash to Grow Flowers

Soon our takeaway coffee cups will be plantable, if a clever Kickstarter campaign is successful. 'We're all consumers,' Alex Henige begins in a Kickstarter video for Reduce. Reuse. Grow.'s latest initiative. The world as we know it is filled with people who enjoy at least a few takeaway cups of coffee per week. And while many are conscious of recycling these cups, this is sadly not an effective way to reduce the impact that manufacturing and recycling this packaging has on the environment. So, the organisation has sought out an alternative: creating plantable coffee cups that help preserve the natural flora in the area in which the cup is bought. Reduce. Reuse. Grow.- Plantable Coffee Cup Kickstarter from Alex Henige on Vimeo. Seeds are laid in the outer part of the cup, with some information about the seed and instructions on how to plant the cup printed onto the bottom for ease of reference. It's a smart way to dispose of your packaging and doubles as a way to encourage consumers to help with reforestation and the continued existence of local flora. Better still, the materials used in the cup are biodegradable in 180 days, so even if you are not able to plant it every time, the cup itself is kind on the environment. coffeecup1 'Our mission is to provide an alternative to our current waste strain, assuring consumers that our consumption habits are being taken care of as responsibly as possible, while also giving back into the communities we live in,' states Henige. Find out more at   READ MORE: Find ethical ways to indulge Get the juicing details How to find the right bedding