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Let the Pot Grow Too

Studio Ayaskan

Re-potting your precious plants is certainly not without complication. An ingenious and simple solution to this common problem comes from twin designers, Bike and Begum Ayaskan of Studio Ayaskan in London. Using ancient traditional Japanese origami techniques, the Growth pot grows as your plant grows, accommodating an increasing root system and space for added soil. Not only does this on-trend geometric design eliminate the need to re-pot your plants, an altogether messy and invasive experience for the plant, but it is also sustainable. Modern design calls for production, usage and then discarding of objects. But by matching the natural growth of the plant over time, the Growth pot eliminates the need for discarding. 'The life cycle of a plant is a transformation, from an early seed to its full grown size; the blooming of a flower, the unfolding of a leaf, the branching of the roots. This process is what Growth aims to capture within a plant pot,' the twins explain on their website. For more info visit ayaskan.com