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JoJo Water Tanks

As we constantly face new water challenges, such as rising water bills and municipal water outages, harvesting rain, our free water source, can be a brilliant idea. The rainwater harvested and stored in your tank can be used for most household chores such as watering the garden, washing the car, cleaning the driveway and topping up the pool. JoJo rainwater harvesting tanks are kind to the planet and kind to your pocket. Best of all, JoJo water tanks are available in fashionable colours to suit even the most style-conscious homeowner’s colour scheme and the tanks come in a wide range of sizes (from 750 litres to 20 000 litres) allowing you to choose the one that will suit your needs best. Haven’t got space to install a tank? Smaller sized tanks such as the 750 litre JoJo Slimline can be easily placed under decks, alongside walkways, around corners or vertically against a wall. You can also go underground with the 6000 litre JoJo underground tank. Professionally installed, they can be placed under paved, lightweight traffic areas, driveways, garden beds or lawns, providing an ecofriendly and aesthetically pleasing solution for rainwater capture and rainwater harvesting. When choosing your tank ask for JoJo by name. It’s the only rainwater harvesting tank that offers an eight-year warranty. BENEFITS OF RAINWATER HARVESTING

  1. Water tanks are extremely efficient collectors: a 50sqm roof can harvest up to 23000 litres of water per year.
  2. 86% of household water needs can be met through rainwater harvesting.
  3. You can use rainwater to water the garden, flush the toilets, wash the car, do laundry and top up the pool.
  4. You’ll save on water bills.
  5. Reduce environmental impact.
  6. Reduce reliance on municipal water.
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