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Ethical Coffee Company

The Ethical Coffee Company produces environmentally friendly coffee pods that don’t skimp on flavour. These pods contain no harmful substances like aluminium and have a relatively small carbon footprint. As they are made from fully biodegradable plant-based materials they are safe to use as compost and will decompose after six months. The company also takes care when selecting their coffee beans and use only the finest quality Arabica coffee from around the world. There are ten different blends with varying intensity levels and strengths, two of which are Fairtrade and Organic certified. All blends are rated according to intensity and there is even a decaffeinated blend. The pods are fully compatible with Nespresso machines and won’t negate the warranty of the machine. The brand also scores top marks for convenience, as their pods are available nationwide at @home and Hirsch stores. Don't own a Nespresso machine? The Ethical Coffee Company will release their own espresso pod machine, the Sjostrand, in mid-August, which is tailor-made to produce the perfect shot. It will be available in @home stores across the country. For more information, visit