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Blue Versus Green

When it comes to key colours for 2013, no two hues are as ready to reinvent themselves as blue and green. One is cool and tranquil while the other exerts energy and force. The two go hand-in-hand. Dulux gives HL a few tips on how best to use these two vibrant colours... Sapphire and indigo blues with a purple tinge have authenticity and glamour. These blues work best in spaces with good natural light. When used in harmony, tranquil blues (with a pop of bright green) create the perfect balance in most living spaces. A deep shade can also be combined with most other colours (for example, think ‘denim’). When decorating your home with blues, either combine different shades of blue or pick one and let it stand alone. Bright greens are reminiscent of emerald (the official colour of the year), minerals and molecules. This lends to a worldly magnificence, especially when paired with yellow toned greens or deep indigos and violets. Try a bright emerald to energise your space, but be wary, a little goes a long way. If you intend for this colour to take centre stage, then keep your space simple and add plenty of balancing whites and neutrals. In love with both? Find the perfect in-between teal and add royal blues and brilliant greens to your heart’s content. For more inspiration visit to see how to best pair these two colours (and all colours in between). Or, visit the Dulux website at for their full palette selection, advice and information.