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6 Regrown Foods

If you're serious about zero-waste living and looking for even more ways to green your kitchen, then why not easily turn your organic scraps into regenerating food sources? Doing this hardly requires any extra effort or time on your part. The method is simple: Put the root into a jar with a little bit of water (when it begins to grow, you can transfer the vegetable into an appropriate size pot). Keep the jar close to sunlight - near the kitchen window is a prime spot! Soon enough you will be able to notice green leaves and new life sprouting. When it’s of a decent size, cut it away and use in your dishes. Replenish your water supply and the vegetable is ready to grow again! Incidentally, you'll be saving on trips to the supermarket and having a a whole lot of fun growing your own food! Here's 6 kitchen scraps to get you growing: 1. Leeks leek Image credit:   2. Cabbage cabbage Image credit:   3. Bok Choy bok choy Image credit:   4. Celery celery Image credit:   5. Carrot Tops carrots Image credit:   6. Lemongrass LEMONGRASS Image   Using different methods, you can also regrow other incredible foods like ginger, potatoes and even a pineapple! Ready to grow? See our list of cute planters perfect for your scraps, and find more tips on how to green your kitchen here.