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5 lush vertical gardens to inspire

vertical gardensImage credit: Peter Bennetts

Once you’ve fitted your outdoor space with the ultimate paving from Corobrik, it’s time to dress it up with a bit of greenery. Able to take many shapes and forms, vertical gardens provide an element of design to an otherwise all-natural aesthetic. And they’re practical, too. From being used as portable screens and lush backdrops to providing an ideal surface for fresh herbs and vegetables, living walls are a must-have, especially for those with small courtyards. To match your Corobrik paving, we’ve collected five vertical gardens to inspire your next gardening endeavour.

urban haven

Image credit: Michael le Grange

Tucked neatly into Cape Town’s busy Bokaap is Créma Design owner Craig Raeside’s colourful home. Stacked houses on either side mean there is little to no space for a garden, but building up is always an option. Steel-framed windows provide views of a lush, verdant vertical garden that clings to the outside walls from top to bottom, enclosing the property like a rainforest.

tropical trellis

Image credit: Vintage Revival

A more minimalistic take on the wall garden, this wooden trellis design is perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces. With snug leather holders and and monochrome pots, the plants become the star of the show. Decorate with a variety of your favourite plants from ferns to cacti, colourful or strictly green. Find the full tutorial on Vintage Revivals. Easy on the eye, these planters would complement Corobrik’s rustic Cape Stormberg paving perfectly.

hanging herbs

Image credit: Homemade Modern

For the more practically-minded, a vertical garden is the perfect opportunity to create a hanging herb garden - another great option for in- or outdoors. We recommend keeping a larger collection of herbs outdoors and a few essential, everyday herbs suspended in your kitchen for ease of use. Make sure your wall garden gets a lot of sunshine - herbs like the warmth. Find out how you can make your own on The Bird and Her Song.

stacks on stacks

Image credit: Man Made DIY

If you prefer a minimal look, this stacked vertical garden is ideal for you. Modern and modular, it pairs wonderfully with Corobrik’s Agate Satin paving. Using wooden containers, your garden can be placed anywhere, and, because of its vertical orientation, you can grow veggies, herbs and flowers in a tiny space. Find out exactly how to create your own on Man Made DIY.

succulent art

Image credit: Country Living

A succulent frame is like a living piece of art in your garden. The favourite perennial of many, succulents are easy to care for, and this display of beauty requires minimal effort. Plug any gaps between plants with moss for an overall ‘painted’ look. Depending on how big you want your succulent vertical garden to be, you may need to use plastic trays to keep all the plants in place. Make your own succulent wall garden with Stephanie Lynn here.
We’ve partnered with Corobrik to find and celebrate the people behind creative landscaping, innovative outdoor design and, more specifically, beautiful clay paving. The #PavetheWay competition was open to all readers with privately owned and maintained gardens, provided they had incorporated clay paving into their spaces. Keep an eye out for the winners in a House and Leisure magazine early next year.