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Vertical garden planter

Vertical gardens come in several shapes and sizes, and depending on how much time you have on your hands, can take the form of anything from beautifully-framed vertical succulents to full-scale wall gardens. Although lovely, both of these options require a fair amount of time for installation and maintenance. If your days are busy enough and you simply want to display greenery outside your home, then this is for you... Equally fuss-free and visually striking is this cute vertical planter from @home which will complement most outdoor spaces perfectly. Available in white, it's great for planting either succulents or your favourite bright blooms. We suggest hanging them alongside a bird feeder (as seen in the second image above) to add some flavour to your outdoor space and to create an exciting environment should you have frequent feathery friends visiting your garden or balcony. The vertical garden planter retails at just R45 each so feel free to arrange a few of them in a row for added effect. For more information or to find your nearest store visit Images: @home