The Garden at Tokara

As winter rains rejuvenate the Mother City, discover a collection of nature-inspired artworks in The Garden at Tokara Wine Estate until 31 August 2013. Curated by Julia Meintjes, the group exhibition features both established and emerging South African artists – from the atmospheric photography of Matthew Kay to the vibrancy of Kirsten Sims and Jill Reid and the bold lines of John Muafangejo’s linocut designs. The exhibition spans a variety of styles and media ensuring there’s something to capture every imagination. Not only does The Garden celebrate aesthetic beauty, but it also presents the artists’ interpretations of the outdoors and the mystery, delight, poetry and wonder they find in nature. 
Still life also plays a role in the exhibition, with Irma Stern’s ‘Still life with Watermelon, Flowers and Grapes’ featuring, alongside Giovanna Biallo’s ‘Mirror’. No garden is complete without sculpture – Willem Strydom’s striking bronze on a marble base, ‘Water from an ancient well’, is a focal point of the exhibition. Another favourite is illustrator Jean de Wet’s fine pen work in ‘Hotel Sundream’ from the series Tropic of Soda. Also showcased are works by illustrator Elise Wessels and Marissa Pretorius’s hanging gardens, which are inspired by Japanese Kokedama.

 Regi Bardavid’s oil on canvas, 'The Great Seal' is a colourful study of the connection between two people. 'Painting for me is a game, a playful discipline with the intention of surprising myself,' says Regi. 'Eventually something resonates in me at a subconscious level. I allow it to be, I do not question it.' Visitors are encouraged to explore their imagination as they engage with the artworks complemented by Tokara’s natural beauty. Make time this winter for a day out at Tokara, surrounded by vineyards and South African art. The gallery is open from 9am to 5pm on Mondays, from 9am until after dinner on Tuesdays to Saturdays, and from 9am to 3pm on Sundays. For more information, visit or Email Julia on