The Botany Project

The Botany Project, a lifestyle accessory brand inspired by indigenous flowers, aims to create bio-diversity awareness. Realising the importance and value of the Cape Floral Kingdom, they want to celebrate the beauty of local flora as well as preserve it by creating products that encourage upcycling. The company also focuses on employment creation and employs local ceramicists to create the flowers. The lamps consist of a wick and handmade ceramic flower. All you need to do is fill the upcycled glass holder with household olive oil and insert the wick to create a lamp that will burn sustainably. There are various designs available based on local flora such as the Roela, Pincushion, Carpet Geranium, Silver Veronia and Crasulla flowers. All designs are available in both white and cream. The lamps retail from R188 and are available via For more information, visit the