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Like most, we at HL love having greenery in and around the house, and recently we're hankering after the lovely Steen planters from INDIGENUS, a local company that teams up with eminent designers to re-imagine the ordinary pot plant. These particular planters were designed by well-known architects Stefan Antoni and Greg Truen from SAOTA and are perfect for both indoor or outdoor use. The Dutch word “steen” means stone, so this name is especially fitting as the planters are inspired by the sculptural look of boulders jutting out from the ground or a cliff  face. steen 3 They are, however, made from glass reinforced concrete, which is lighter, but also stronger than regular concrete. Much TLC is provided during the production process as each piece, after spending two days in a mould, is buffed by hand to create that beautiful smooth finish and is then sealed and waterproofed there after - the latter quality means they can also be used as water features. The clever design of these creations means that you can tighten or loosen a rubber bung to either keep water trapped inside the shell (if it's placed indoors) or allow water to flow out of it (if it's used outdoors and rain might cause overflow). The planters also have a built-in self-watering liner, which makes caring for your greenery that much easier. steen 2 Of course, they also look beautiful and will certainly be a statement piece on a balcony, a terrace, in a living room or even in an already-established garden. INDIGENUS is very focused on turning planters into extraordinary contemporary design pieces, and they've definitely achieved that here. The Steen design comes in three colours – natural grey concrete, limestone white, and black – and is also available in three sizes: small (430mm wide), medium (700mm wide) and large (1 050mm wide). Visit to find out more.