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Looking for a solution for caring for your plants despite a hectic schedule? HL put the question to Deon Schutte, Managing Member of Hlokomelwa Import and Export CC, of which Smart Planters is the trading division... Hlokomelwa, meaning 'to take care of' in South Sotho, was started in 2007 importing Lechuza planters (made in southern Germany by the Brandstätter Group) for the wholesale and retail market in South Africa. What are Smart Planters? The idea for the product came from a concept by the Brandstätter company's owner, Horst Brandstätter. He was looking for stylish planters to use indoors and outdoors, with long-term irrigation for his private use. Unable to find any planters like this on the market, he assigned his team of developers to find an appropriate solution - and Lechuza planters were born. These planters are very light, almost indestructible, weatherproof, UV-resistant and frost-resistant. The planters are made of polypropylene which is a highly durable and flexible plastic. Over and above being aesthetically pleasing, these plant pots also offer functionality with their self-watering sub-irrigation systems. How the Lechuza watering system works Beautiful plants provide us with greater comfort in our own homes, on patios and at the workplace. But in this fast-paced world we rarely have time to give them the care they deserve. And who takes care of them when we're away or on vacation? The sub-irrigation system eliminates the trouble and time it takes to water and care for your plants, and does all the work for you. With Lechuza, plants care for themselves using the integrated water reservoir which supplies them with all of the water and nutrients they need for optimum growth. The water level indicator simply lets you know when you need to add water. It makes use of Lechuza-Pon, a thin separating layer in the sub-irrigation system which essentially controls the water supply to the plant. A pure mineral plant substrate for indoor and outdoor potted plants, Lechuza-Pon consists of pumice, zeolites and lava and also includes a slow-release fertiliser, which is effective for six to 12 months. This convenient self-watering system ultimately makes it easy for you to take care of your plants, without any additional hassle... 

You can find the Smart Planters outlet at Shop 26, Level 0, Cape Quarter, 27 Somerset Road, Green Point, Cape Town. For more information call 0860-655-543 (select retail), email or visit the Smart Planters Facebook page.