Q&A: Claire Reid | House and Leisure

Q&A: Claire Reid


This award-winning ‘greentrepreneur’, owner of Reel Gardening in Joburg, developed her biodegradable planting strips as a teenager, 12 years ago. What sparked your idea to create seed strips? I planted vegetables to make pocket money (by selling them back to my parents). I was frustrated by how much seed and fertiliser I needed to work in the small space I had, which varieties to use, and how to plant them. Reel Gardening was born of the need for a simple, costeffective and convenient solution.  And the benefits of the strips over conventional planting? The organic, pre-fertilised strips contain topquality seed, held in place at the correct depth and distance from the next one, so you can see where your seed will sprout. The root system establishes itself deeper and the seed is kept consistently moist.  Tell us about your community initiatives. Reel Gardening produces ‘Garden in a Box’ to help communities grow food. We’ve implemented more than 100 school and community gardens in SA over the last three years for corporates as part of their CSI programmes. This article originally featured in the June 2014 issue of House and Leisure.