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Jackie Burger's Favourite Public Gardens

Gardens of Versailles, France Thanks to a childhood spent in the country, former fashion editor and founder of the Salon 58 concept Jackie Burger has developed a deep love for gardens and quiet green spaces. Indeed, she believes that a life without scent and flowers is no life at all. jackie Here she shares six of her most memorable gardens from around South Africa and further afield.

obesa cactus labyrinth in graaff reinet

'This garden in the Eastern Cape captures the essence of the Karoo landscape and offers the most humbling meditative walk through hectares of indigenous as well as rare cacti, aloes and succulents, ranging from towering species to the smallest clusters. The pathways unfold to reveal the true beauty of sustainable gardens, underwriting the owner’s focus on the conservation and propagation of rare and endangered plants.' Obesa

Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden

'The first moment I stepped into this garden in Stellenbosch, I experienced a sense of true magic and artistry. It is a living art form masterfully landscaped by sculptor Dylan Lewis, paying homage to his personal philosophy and drawing on the art elements of his design work. Each outdoor sculpture exists in a carefully considered space to interplay with the lines, shapes, colours, textures and scents in this Zen-inspired garden. Walking through the garden calls for many moments of reflection and enhances awareness of the “wild” or “untamed” essence found in all of creation.' Dylan_Lewis_C_005

Monet’s Garden in Giverny, France

'It is impossible to describe the play of light and the display of floral beauty tangible in Monet’s personal garden in France. The closest I can come is to say that it was like being transported into one of his paintings. It was an impressionist encounter that will always stay with me.' monet

Cape Town's Company’s Garden

'Often referred to as the heart of Cape Town and the oldest garden in our country, the Company’s Garden represents so much of our sense of community, our history and our culture. I treasure time spent here and the multitude of activities on offer – a peaceful meander, viewing an exhibition at the Iziko South African National aGallery or pausing for tea and a treat at the garden's restaurant.' rose-garden

Botanical Garden in Stellenbosch

'Still used for its original purpose of teaching and education, this garden also presents a wonderful variety of themed areas in a relatively small space. The water lily pond is my place of solace.' SUBotanical

Gardens of Versailles, France

'The scale of these gardens is absolutely monumental and the sophistication and sense of history here is just as impressive. My visits to Versailles never fail to put the French culture and design aesthetic into perspective. And the fountain displays always manage to bring my inner child out to play.' gardenversailles

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