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Item of the Day: The Kreep Planter

If you're looking for something different and fun to decorate your walls with, have a look at Joe Paine’s Kreep Planter from Dokter and Misses. A wacky wire frame, it holds 12 different size plant pots of your favourite greeneries. For a keen chef, this item would be great situated in your kitchen. Simply plant your culinary herbs (basil, coriander, sage plants, etc.) so you can pick the flavours fresh for your fragrant dishes. Alternatively you can plant your favourite aesthetically pleasing flowers to complement the colours of your chosen room. With the three different size pots (3 large, 6 medium and 3 miniature-size pots), you can choose which plants you want to be the main focus of your wall display. Arguably more fun and intriguing than a painting on the wall, this Kreep Planter is worth a try. It's also right on trend with the current wave of vertical gardens that are popping up all over. This one's particularly nifty because you can chop and change the display whenever you like! The Kreep Planter is retailing for R3150 at the Cape Town and Joburg Dokter and Misses stores. It is also available in two colours - choose between a white wire frame with either black or yellow pots (plants are not included). For more information visit their website here. CAPE TOWN store - 113 Long Street, 021-801-4733 JOBURG store - 44 Stanely Avenue, 011-025-2469 Text: Sarah Louise Keeble