Garden News

Compiled by Mariola Jakutowicz Fouché Italian Resonance The Garden of St Christopher in Hyde Park, Johannesburg has been unveiled. The Italian-inspired space was designed by Debby Tenquist and Martine de la Harpe of Flower Power Gardens, and highlights include a classical pergola and formal parterre, and an oval reflection pond. Seed Specialist Starke Ayres’ Special Collection of unusual vegetable varieties includes apple-green Romanesco and purple Violetto cauliflowers, multicoloured carrots and Zara brocette. King of the Desert Uncrowned Monarch of the Namib – Welwitschia mirabilis (R1 170) by Ernst van Jaarsveld and Uschi Pond is an illustrated tribute to this living fossil. Available at the Botanical Society Bookshop, Kirstenbosch. This article was originally featured in the October 2013 issue of House and Leisure.