Garden in a tube

In our October issue (page 173) we featured 45 sustainable living ideas that are intended to assist you with making smart decisions. You can start out by making relatively small changes in your daily life that can render a meaningful impact on the world around you, like using more energy-efficient light bulbs or switching to bio-degradable household cleaners. One local landscape designer who's getting it right in the 'green' department is Jamie Ferreira who creates beautiful outdoor spaces for clients. After teaming up with accomplished landscaper and environmental engineer, Renet van der Schyff, Jamie D Design was born, and together, the pair and their team are devising new ways for people to garden in a more environmentally-responsible way. Mentioned in our sustainability supplement is their Garden in a Tube - great for those wanting to start a garden in a small space or if you're out of ideas for a unique housewarming gift... The tube includes everything that you might need to set up a manageable starter garden, from the design plan to the seeds, fertiliser, and easy-to-follow instructions. 'Garden in a Tube was designed to ease the process of installing a garden. This product equips anyone with the tools and know-how to landscape their own small garden. We wanted anyone to able to make a beautiful, small garden with a minimum amount of effort, so we decided to create this product,' explains Jamie. To make it that much more eco-friendly, the cardboard tube is compostable too. They are priced at R159,60 each, including VAT. For more information visit