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Nick Lee
LIGHT SENSATION Set your garden aglow with jewel-bright hanging lanterns. Illumination specialist Light a Lantern will help you create your own ethereal atmosphere with round Chinese paper versions in bright colours and sizes (from R20 each), candle lanterns with pretty perforations (R120 for 10) or delightful sky lanterns of non-flammable, biodegradable paper (R295 for 10). Q&A Andrew Zuckerman American film-maker and hyperrealist photographer Andrew Zuckerman has captured birds, endangered animal species, and celebrities on film. We asked him what inspired his latest project, Flower. Why flowers? I think of the photographs as a kind of record keeping in a world that’s rapidly being depleted of its resources. Flowers are celebrated for their beauty but often we miss the details – the nuances of composition and colour, the symmetrical, fractal way that they grow. All these astonishing qualities are purely survival mechanisms. I love that every one is a dependent half of an ecosystem and, structurally, they evoke their insect counterparts. Were there challenges to photographing them? How do you take a bad picture of a beautiful flower? The truth is, you can. To me, the real question is how do you make a distinct picture of a beautiful flower? I’m drawn to subjects that have been exhausted. In gathering the plants, what did you learn about the people who grow them? I’ve found there’s a lot of heart among people who devote themselves to the natural world. It’s clear that they consider themselves guardians. I relate to them because I’m interested in preserving something incredible from nature and making it accessible to the masses. Flower by Andrew Zuckerman In his exquisitely contemporised book, Flower (PQ Blackwell, R549), Andrew Zuckerman takes 150 familiar and exotic plants out of context and immortalises them against a neutral background with his 65-megapixel camera. It’s a botanical work to treasure. This article was originally featured in the May 2013 issue of House and Leisure