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Fuss-Free Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are a great way to give some life and colour to the inside of a house. However, like most living things they require particular care and attention in order to stay healthy, and many of us battle to keep them from drooping and shrivelling into demise.  Here are some relatively independent and easygoing plants that will grow in spite of occasional neglect...

1. Hanging Succulent - Woolworths

R119.99 Succulents might be robust in nature, but they make for dainty and pretty decor when strung up inside of a glass bauble like this one. They are plants that thrive on minimal water and lots of sunlight, so this is perfect for hanging by a bare window in need of some livening up. woolies-2

2. Pyramid Terrarium - Angles & Earth

R950 Terrariums are a great solution for those who love gardens but lack backyards. Not only do they make for the perfect coffee table centrepiece, but in terms of maintenance they require little more than the occasional lift of their lids to prevent a build-up of moisture inside. AnglesEarth-2  

3. Philodendron Selloum  - Opus Studio

R375 Kokedamas, or Japanese moss balls, are the newest craze in interior greenery. The root systems of plants are caked in mud, wrapped up in moss and then suspended by string to make for beautiful indoor features. This philodendron selloum one is particularly low maintenance - just give it some sunlight and leave to soak in a shallow bath for half an hour each week. Their air-purifying properties are an added bonus!   Opus-3

4. Bonsai tree - Woolworths

R149.95 Although Bonsai trees are commonly thought to be of Japanese origin too, they in fact have their roots in China and the Zen Buddhist faith. This is because they can require up to five years of patience, care and devotion to their development when cultivated from seeds. This one comes already grown though, so just follow the individual care instructions provided and prune as desired for a tiny tabletop topiary! Woolies

5. Potted Aloe - @home

R159 Those with the blackest of thumbs can always play it safe with something plastic - and plausible! The ultimate in low maintenance greenery, there's no need to feel ashamed when fake plants like this one can have both style and staying power. @home-3