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Freshly Grown Boxes

House & Leisure recently caught up with the mother and daughter team behind Freshly Grown. Sandi and Gabi Arnott’s out-of-the-box approach to shopping means buying your weekly dose of organic fruit and veg is just a click away. We interviewed Gabi about the fresh concept. What sparked the idea for Freshly Grown? I wasn't happy in the position I was holding in the market and started looking at other alternatives when I came across the Box Scheme project. I approached my parents who encouraged me to resign and give it a go. I knew that I would be taking on too much for one person so my mom and I took on the challenge together. Why organic food? Growing up my parents always sourced the best for us and this included free range product which included the natural progression into organic. Experiencing the difference in taste and texture was an eye opener and my mom subsequently started growing her own fruit, veg and herbs in her back garden. How does it work? Freshly Grown is based on vegetable boxes which change each week depending on what’s in season and what our farmers have available. The boxes we offer are: Veg Box for 4 people, Veg Box for 2 people and a Salad Box. After completing an ‘I want to join’ form individuals are added to our client base. They receive a weekly email each Monday with the week’s box options, including fruit, veg, herbs and other organic products. All orders are in by 12:00 on Tuesday so we’re able to order from our farmers. The fresh produce is delivered to their door in a Freshly Grown box on a Thursday. Where is your stock sourced from? After much research we have settled on three growers who cover our orders. We are hoping that these initial farmers will ‘grow’ with us. As it is a new and growing market so there are always emerging players in the field that we need to look out for. Visit the Freshly Grown website for more details and to sign up. Alternatively contact them on 082-856-0403 or