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The Free State Flower Festival


Bright colours, enchanting blooms and fresh spring scents are just some of the sensory highlights of the upcoming Free State Flower Festival. As one of the largest flower events to take place in South Africa, its attractions include 600 performers, five massive floats and giant flower puppets. The event will take place in Parys, Free State, on the 11th and 12th of November. Flower lovers will be entertained by local and international experts, who will be discussing trends, export opportunities and a range of other related issues. image8_large This two day event will provide entertainment for the whole family. From exhibitors and wholesalers, to retailers and beverage stands, there's something for everyone. The Free State Flower Festival is a joint venture between the Free State and the government of Madeira, who host the world’s largest flower festival on the Portuguese island every April.

"The event has both trade and tourism benefits. The main objective of the Festival will be to stimulate the flower industry in the province and to fast track opportunities around export. As a tourism authority, we will also use the event to stimulate tourism to the region and draw in thousands of visitors from Gauteng and surrounding provinces to the event,” said Dhilosen Pillay, CEO of the Free State Tourism Authority


One of the event's most anticipated features is the night-time theatrical performance called 'The Gathering of the Flowers.' The performance involves giant luminous flowers and has been described as spectacular. Expertly designed costumes, breathtaking light displays and original music by a range of top composers will make this a performance to remember.

Arum lillies, sunflowers and king proteas are just some of the blooms that will be on display. Whatever your reason for attending, you'll end up leaving with an armful of beautiful flowers to fill your space with.

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