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Float your bonsai in thin air

The future is now and perhaps nothing illustrates that point quite like a clever new concept that allows your little bonsai plant to levitate. Creator Masanori Imayoshi and producer Hikaru Hoshi are the Japanese team behind this fascinating idea that they’ve dubbed Air Bonsai. They achieve this levitation using magnetic repulsion to get the plant – lava rock and all – to sit a few centimetres above its own base. The result is an Avatar-like invention – a plant a-float and slowly rotating in thin air. The bonsais themselves are created using original Japanese materials, adhering strongly to this ancient tradition; the only difference is that it comes with a little magnetic mechanism in the base on which to rest the miniature tree. The team is seeking funding via crowd-funding website Kickstarter in order to get their business off the ground, and so far they have surpassed their original request for $80 000 five times over. One thing is for certain: your little floating bonsai will draw plenty of attention and no doubt be the focal point of whichever room it resides in. Place your order for an Air Bonsai and be a venture capitalist in the process over at Kickstarter.