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Five Vital Tips for Roses

Dream about a garden filled with fragrant, budding roses? Follow Jo Smart's great tips here:

1. Water often

Deep watering two to three times per week is vital, and probably the most important thing for roses.

2. Protect them from bugs

Twice monthly I spray with fungicide, and an insecticide mixed with a sticking agent to prevent it being washed off by rain. This is vital to create hardy plants, especially in a damp climate.

3. Give them a boost

Use compost twice a year - at the beginning of the growing season, and again in January.

4. Feed them monthly

Fertilise roses once a month during the growing season. I like to use a slow-release organic fertiliser such as Accelerator which contains chicken litter.

5. Give them space

Roses hate to be crowded; make sure that roses in mixed beds have enough space. And remember to dead-head as often as possible.