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Finding Nemo's Garden

It was while scuba diving three years ago off the coast of Noli, Italy that marine-obsessed and president of Ocean Reef Group, Sergio Gamberini, came up with the ingenious (and pretty odd) idea to create sustainable underwater greenhouses. The concept behind the greenhouses, or biospheres, is to make use of large, inflated balloons lined with planted seeds that are then submerged in large water bodies for their constant, stable environments. The natural evaporation between the water and the air space facilitates oxygenation, thereby creating a system of alternative food sources with a minimal carbon footprint. vlcsnap-2014-09-23-10h54m38s224 DSCN1752 After two years of experimentation, plenty of failed attempts, rough ocean conditions and re-designs, the biospheres, aptly named Nemo's Garden, are ready for large scale production, or, er, underwater farming. Now on Kickstarter, the Nemo's Garden team needs your help to make this dream a reality. You can even be involved in the design of mini gardens for a home aquarium. With a focus on community awareness and sustainability, Nemo's Garden could be just what our planet needs. Watch the video here: (via Kickstarter) For more info, visit Text Danielle Le Chat Images Nemo's Garden 23 June 2015   READ MORE: Organic Veggie Gardening Gardening Tips The Vertical Gardens of Paris