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Embrace Haphazard Horticulture

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As urban living continues to burgeon, the focus has shifted to balcony gardens. The look is rambling and unstructured with a definite nod to the haphazard asparagus-fern style of the 1970s. Depending on available light, planting can be adapted to the hardy geometry of succulents or to more delicate shade lovers such as ferns or delicious monsters. ‘The key to unstructured balcony gardens is to build up your foliage from all available anchor points,’ says product designer Joe Paine. ‘Don’t be afraid to drill and fasten into the walls and ceiling – it’s essential to maximise your vertical space.’ garden3 While organised chaos is the goal, Joe cautions that you don’t want it looking completely ramshackle. ‘Logic and a bit of planning must prevail, so bear in mind where you’d like your climbers to spread and how much of your walls you’re going to cover,’ he says. He suggests that you start out with any containers you might have handy. ‘Use what you have initially, then slowly graduate to more beautiful pots,’ he says. ‘While the planting may appear random, incorporating elegant containers will create something special.’ balconygarden

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