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Climbing Trees for Grown Ups

Have you ever felt the deeply nostalgic desire to climb a tree like you used to do when you were a kid? One of the many unfortunate attributes to growing up is our decreased playtime, whiling away the hours exploring in a tree, being close to nature and far from our problems. To our childhood rescue is the CanopyStair, a modular staircase that fits onto any tree without the need for tools. Designed by Robert McIntyre and Thor ter Kulve, the idea came to them when in Azores they had to climb a tree to be able to see any kind of view from the home they were living in. It was here that they discussed the concept of transforming a tree into a staircase so users can enjoy the view from the treetops like we did when we were young and carefree. Further to their discussions, McIntyre drew inspiration for the propeller-like aesthetic of the staircase from a source close to home - his grandfather was the chief aeronautical engineer behind the De Havilland 'Wooden Wonder' aeroplane. Tree Project Lightweight and requiring only 30 minutes to assemble (with some helping hands), the CanopyStair has been designed to avoid marking or damaging the tree in any way. Using cast aliminium as a tripod frame, the tread, handrail and ratchet strap fasten against the tree in a sturdy and durable way. By the way, did you know that forest canopies are the least explored ecosystems in the world? Now you can get closer to discovering more about the magnificent, age old living beings that provide us with clean oxygen, shade and adventure. For more info visit