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Cangro Plant Kit

Brother and sister team Diane and Jody Kramer have come up with a concept that literally turns the conventional notion of gardening on its head. Their innovative planting solution gets our vote for its up-to-the-minute design and sustainability. It all started in 2011 with the discovery of 30 000 paint cans destined for the municipal dump. Jody and Diane decided to test the concept of upside-down growing on a few cans and about a month later they had a mass of flourishing herbs. Since its inception Cangro has become involved in a number of inspiring projects. The Market Theatre/Atterbury Recycling Project They were awarded a contract to improve the look of the Market Theatre entrance using recycled material. The project has just commenced and should be complete by mid July 2012. The Cangro Schools Project They have committed to supporting development initiatives directed towards sustainable development, climate change awareness, the alleviation of poverty and community development in South Africa. The plan is to raise enough funds for every child in Gauteng to receive a free Cangro educational toolkit, including:

  • Upside-down can
  • Foam
  • Soil mix
  • String
  • Hook
  • Seedling/seed
‘Our intent is to overcome the greatest challenge facing us all: to become and remain sustainable without compromising the ability of future generations to enjoy what we take for granted today,’ explains Diane. The recommended retail price of the kits is R299 and they are being sold in Pretoria, Cape Town and Mpumalanga. They can be ordered directly through the Cangro Facebook page. Alternatively email them at or or call them on 083-403-3394.   Text: Mila Crewe-Brown An interior design graduate and writer with an insatiable passion for design, decor and travel, Mila Crewe-Brown cut her teeth working at Condénast House & Garden magazine before embarking on a year and a half journey across three continents. Now back and freelancing in Johannesburg she dedicates her time to writing copy for various interior and lifestyle publications. Visit her blog idreamofdesign.