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Too often the instinct is to remove existing trees and foliage from plots when building a home. Sure, they can take up useful space and get in the way of the intended structure of the house. However, these architects have found that keeping the trees and building around them, making them intrinsic design elements within the house. Have a look at these stunning homes built around nature for inspiration (just in case you're thinking of uprooting that old oak).  

1. The Tea Room

This striking home in Shanghai, China was built using an existing, collapsed warehouse. Instead of cutting down the tree that restricted the design, architects Archi-Union built around it, creating a stunning feature that seamlessly blends the interior and exterior. 2bf7246c3d92a5edfbc9f71ad3d410a7 Image credit:  

2. Tree in the House

This concept home by A. Masow architects features a fir tree inside a cylindrical glass home. Situated in a forest, the trees provide the privacy that walls would have - quite a compromise in lifestyle in favour of the natural beauty of living within nature. View-31 Night-View-1 Image credit:  

3. Sugar Loaf Home

A minimalist home at the foothills of Sugar Loaf, Rio features - among many prized art collections - one favourite focal point: This tree, lovingly called Bethany. Built by architect Alessandro Sartore, the house was purposefully built using muted, natural materials to let the views and the tree speak for themselves. cv346_editorial_rodrigo_quadrado_18 cv346_editorial_rodrigo_quadrado_4 Image credit:  

4. Lakeview Residence

This Austin, Texas house was built by Alterstudio Architecture and maintained these gorgeous oaks on the deck. The 'holes' in the roof overhead make way for the trees and provide a sunroof effect with dappled, filtered light streaming into the seating area below. 07-PATRICK-WONG-Porch 06-CASEY-DUNN-Exterior3 Image credit:  

5. Chinkara House

This streamlined home in Guatamala features indoor-outdoor walkways with space for young trees to grow through the roof. Built by Solis Colomer Arquitectos, instead of using existing trees, the architects purposefully built space for trees to be installed.

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