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Build a Cinderblock Bench

Spring has officially begun and while some parts of the country might still be wearing their woollens, those up north are enjoying positively balmy weather. Suzelle DIY’s latest ‘how-to’ video offers up just the sort of task every outdoor-loving citizen will appreciate: creating your very own bench from cinderblocks. 'Do you want to jazz up your garden and impress your guests at the next braai?' asks Suzelle at the beginning of the video, proceeding to expound the benefits of the cinderblock bench. Together with Mariaane, Suzelle gets to work creating a bench with plenty of pizzazz, including spray painting the blocks in her trademark pink, and adding a few more personal touches that are positively hilarious.'There's it!' The video is not only wonderfully entertaining – it's also a smart idea for creating an interesting feature in your garden, that includes planting a few annual flowers in the bench itself. Watch the video below and get inspired: READ MORE: Vote for your favourite Sanlam Portrait and win! Plant trash to grow flowers Find inspiration for tiny bedrooms