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Bird song made into Art

Andy Thomas

Bird enthusiasts will know that it's not always so easy to demonstrate the calls that a bird makes without sounding like a complete nutcase. Perhaps if those calls could be made visual in some way, we'd sound less kooky. Making bird calls visual is exactly what digital artist Andy Thomas has done. Using what is known as particle simulation, Thomas creates motion graphics that form from the sound. On his website, Thomas refers to the idea as 'corrupting nature with technology' and 'creating a visual fusion between nature and technology'. It's a concept that is likely to appeal to the nature lover and artist in people and something that might just have a place in our future understanding of nature in all its complexity. Take a look at two of Thomas' works below. The first of a Grey Shrike Thrush indigenous to Australia and the second a composite of various Australian birds. Grey Shrike Thrush from Andy Thomas on Vimeo. Bird Sounds Visualised from Andy Thomas on Vimeo.