8 Inspiring Rooftop Gardens

Elsa Young; Micky Hoyle; Mark Williams; Greg Cox; Adriaan Louw

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a home garden, but don't despair - urban gardening is a simple solution to green up your small spaces. If you're thinking of adding a rooftop (or balcony) garden to your home, here's some green thumb inspiration: 1. Don't be afraid to add bright pops of colour to your rooftop garden. OCTOBER 2010 - ELSA YOUNG 2. Pebbles make for an interesting surface option to offset sturdy indigenous plants.  micky hoyle august 2012 3. Wooden pallet boxes are a really simple (and popular) solution for vegetable gardens.  MARK WILLIAMS - MARCH 2011 4. Vertical gardens are a great focal feature and a fantastic space-saving idea.  MARK WILIAMS - MARCH 2011 B 5. Indigenous plants require far less maintenance which is great for hard to reach places.  greg cox - december 2011 copy 6. Make use of mirrors and multiple tiers for the illusion of elevation and space.  GREG COX - AUGUST 2014 7. A simple wooden walkway offers welcome respite from the day's stresses.  adriaan louw - november 2012 8. Upcycling plastic crates into vegetable or herb gardens is a brilliant way to stay green.  ADRIAAN LOUW - JAN-FEB 2013 copy *Need some more inspiration? Have a look at our Garden Solutions.