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6 Potty Planters to Own

A little greenery goes a long way in any space, which is likely why the humble pot plant has gotten so much focus this year. From planters you can wear as jewellery to hanging terrariums, there are all kinds of weird and wonderful ways to make pot plants work for you. Here are a few of our favourites:

1. The jellyfish air planter

petitbeast Using the pumpkin shell – the remains of the sea urchin – as a planter, PetitBeast has a creative way of displaying your air plants to make them look like a beast from under the deep.

2. The rainy pot

rainypot Add a little humour to your home with this wall planter from the DailyLife Lab. The little cloud above the plant is supposed to mimic the feel of rain on the plant's leaves, thereby helping it to feel more at home.

3. The fashion accessory

fashion Love your greenery so much you can't bear to be parted from it for one moment? Then this cute idea is definitely for you. Wear a micro-planter as a necklace or a ring for a quirky touch to your outfit. Better still, these clever accessories have been made via a 3D printer. Get more info on these quirky wearable planters.

4. The mini pine planter

pineplanter These mini planters carved from pine by local creators MooiBos could be an interesting accent in a dull space, and since you can choose from a variety of colours, you could end up with a vibrant collection.

5. The concrete planter

concrete As we predicted in our Trend Report for 2015, concrete has become a popular texture in both fashion and decor. If laying a dramatic raw concrete floor or wall isn't an option, get in on the trend with a cement planter.

6. The ever-growing pot

potty If you’re a terrible plant owner, then this planter is for you. You will never have to worry about finding a larger pot for your shrubs because the Growth pot will simply expand as the plant grows.   READ MORE: Bird song made into art 5 vital tips for roses Cute birdhouses for your garden