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6 Cute Herb Planters

There are endless benefits in store when you grow your own herb garden. They also needn't take up too much space. Besides it being lots of fun to grow your own selection of herbs, you can be certain that all your home produce is naturally grown, free from any chemicals and artificial aids. Skip the trip to the supermarket and start growing your own herbs in all sorts of charming ways that add to the fun. 1. Re-use a multi bud vase for your kitchen windowsill and make sure your herbs get a bit of light.  traditional-indoor-pots-and-planters copy image credit:   2.  Vintage teacups and spoons found at most second-hand markets can make wonderfully cute planters. teacup copy  image credit:   3. Create an edible wall by planting your herbs vertically with beautiful functionality. Edible-Garden-herb-wall copy  image credit:   4. Fix mason jars onto wood and use blackboard paint and chalk to label your different herbs.  Mason-Jar-Indoor-Herb-Garden-Camille-Styles copy image credit:   5. These clever herb planters come with a scissors holder for easy snipping. Pots-Ideas image credit:   6.  Re-use or source rain boots for a cute and quirky alternative.   wellington image credit