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14 Things To Plant

Sought After Seedlings are the proud importers of Franchi Sementi Heirloom and Organic Seeds, as well as the creators of organic vegetable gardens around SA, including the five-star Saxon Hotel and Madikwe Hill Top Lodge. They also hold countrywide organic vegetable gardening courses. Here are their recommendations for gardening local this winter. Which vegetables do you recommend planting this winter? 1. Purple and white kohlrabi 2. Black kale 3. Purple cauliflowers 4. Green spiralled cauliflowers 5. Colourful carrots 6. Radishes of all colours and shapes 7. Savoy cabbages 8. Broad beans 9. Rossa Lunga shallions 10. Onions 11. Beetroot 12. Spinach 13. Swiss chard 14. Brussel sprouts Do you have any winter planting tips? Mulch is important to keep your plant's roots warm during the winter. Remember to frost fleece (you can get knee high tunnels from us) over crops with tender leaves, in other words, anything that doesn't feel like a leathery cabbage leaf. Feed your heavy feeders such as the cabbage family with Organic Fertilizer 6;3;4 Talborne Organics Vita Veg. You can also come on an organic vegetable gardening course and learn about everything you need to know. Are there any important tips for winter gardening? Cut the tops off of two-litre Coke bottles to act as cloches to protect small seedlings. This will create a mini-greenhouse environment and protect the yummy plants from hungry birds and slugs. Apart from that, all you need is perhaps a frost fleece tunnel, which can be opened every day to let the sun shine on your precious vegetables, clean garden tools and a nice cup of tea. Visit for more information.