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Meet the delightfully curious Hendrick’s Gin. Life is simply too glorious not to experience its rose and cucumber-infused flavour, crafted at its remote Scottish distillery. We spoke to global brand ambassador for Hendrick’s Gin, Ally Martin, and have a delicious recipe for you to try, as well as a chance to win one of two Secret Order gift sets.

House and Leisure spoke to Hendrick’s Gin global brand ambassador Ally Martin

House and Leisure: In South Africa, there's been a huge craft-gin boom – what excites you most about the industry, especially in SA? Ally Martin: In South Africa, and more in terms of a global perspective as well, there are many small brands popping up. This is really increasing consumer knowledge of what gin is and how it’s made. People are acquiring an appreciation for how much work it takes to make a good-quality gin, which is a great position for us to be in, because we invest a lot of time and care in how we produce our liquids. Can you tell us about some of the local gins and flavours that you’ve sampled thus far? I’ve just arrived in Cape Town. I’ve heard about a few craft gins here, such as Woodstock, but I’m going out to try [a few] tonight. Is there anywhere in particular that you’re thinking of heading? We’re visiting a place called Orphanage, and there are some other gin bars that we've planned to go to. On an international scale, what are your top 5 spots to get your gin fix?   That’s quite a difficult one. I love going to Punch Room in London. It’s one of my favourite bars. It’s so warm and a great place to hang out; time kind of disappears. Then there's a place called Happiness Forgets, also in London – these are all going to be in London because I live there, and that's where I go to relax, I suppose. There’s a bar called Attaboy in New York which I really like, as well as Little Red Door and Sherry Butt in Paris. Which country do you think is best for gin at the moment? The UK is doing amazingly well for gin varieties. So many are made there, so it's quite easy for the UK. But I’m really looking forward to hanging out in South Africa this weekend and seeing what’s happening here. What’s the #1 gin-related trend to look out for in 2018? I hope it will be about more people doing different things within the gin category. It’s very easy to create a new gin with a different botanical and call it a completely new expression. It's rather difficult to do something new and exciting in the gin category at the moment, so hopefully we'll see something new that changes that. Hendrick's Gin has created a cocktail perfect for House and Leisure. What's in it? We have indeed. It’s called The Luscious House and Leisure Fizz, with Hendrick’s Gin, of course, cucumber juice, lemon juice, paprika and honey syrup, and then a little Chenin Blanc as well.

The perfect cocktail for House and Leisure

The Luscious House and Leisure Fizz is delicious – try it out the next time you want to impress your guests at a dinner party.  

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What is the name of the cocktail that Ally Martin and Hendrick's Gin created for House and Leisure?

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