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What to Expect at Starbucks

Starbucks by Marco Paköeningrat, used under CC

It's official, Starbucks is coming to South Africa, and while some are excited about them finally touching down in Africa, others are feeling a little sceptical. We're wondering what kind of impact this big American coffee chain will have on South Africa, a country with its own amazing local coffee and coffee shops - such as homegrown Cape Town-based TRUTH Coffee, which was voted second on The Daily Meal's ‘world’s coolest’ list and first on The Telegraph UK‘s list of The World’s Best Coffee Shops. (Listen to the founder David Donde's interview with radio station 702 on his opinion of the matter, here). But, if you are truly excited at the arrival of Starbucks, here's what you can expect when they makes their grand entrance in 2016: 1. Your name may be misspelt, at least once, on their takeaway cups ensuring a giggle or two.

2. Prices in the range of R40 (give or take) according to The Daily Maverick for a cup of Starbucks coffee. But, we doubt that will be a problem when you take the first sip. The Wall Street Journal created a graph of how much a Starbucks coffee costs around the world, you can see it here. 3. A wide range of interesting and delicious flavours, including Tiramisu LatteIced Cinnamon Dolce LatteToffee Mocha Frappuccino® Blended CoffeeHazelnut Macchiato and more. Although according to fin24 'as with other Starbucks outside the US, the menu be tweaked to cater to local tastes. For instance, rooibos tea will be part of the menu'. See their original menu, here.