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5 Ways You Can Incorporate The Vegan Dessert Food Trend In Your Kitchen

5 ways to Incorporate the vegan dessert food trend in your kitchen

Milk, cream, butter and eggs. They sound like the makings of a perfect dessert, and have done for many years. But as predictions for 2018's food trends start appearing, it's clear that the wave of veganism sweeping the culinary world is here to stay. And it's set to turn the world of patisserie (and all things sweet) completely upside down, with a wave of vegan dessert foods.

With a bigger global push towards a more sustainable way of living, people are trading in classic staples for creative and healthy alternatives. As such, vegan desserts are creeping into mass production by global companies such as Ben & Jerry's and Häagen Dazs.

Inspired and ready to start experimenting, we had a look at interesting ways to incorporate the vegan dessert food movement in the kitchen.

Edible essential oils

vegan dessertImage credit: Brooke Lark

You can use edible, food-grade essential oils to add flavour and flair to desserts, and with bolder oils like lemon, a single drop can replace an entire spoonful of the ingredient. This means that you can create stronger tastes with smoother consistencies. Essential oils are also a great way to experiment with new tastes and combinations; especially if you're working with very sweet ingredients. Try adding thyme oil to plum and apricot flavours; rosemary oil to citrus flavours; or black pepper oil to chocolate.


Aquafaba can be used as an egg replacement to make meringue, mousse and cake in vegan desserts. A relatively new discovery, it’s starting to gain popularity in the kitchen. Back in 2014, Joël Roessel discovered that the water from canned beans could be used to make foams. Soon after his discovery, he shared recipes for chocolate mousse and floating island. It’s very simple to make, at the low cost of a can of chickpeas.


vegan dessertImage credit: Brooke Lark

People have been using flowers to flavour food for countless generations. Why not incorporate them into your own vegan desserts? With an increase in the popularity of using flowers in cooking and baking, more obscure varieties have become available. Zucchini, cherry, sage and hibiscus flowers have soft and sweet flavours, perfect for blending with subtle flavours like vanilla. Other blossoms that have been favourites for years include lavender, violet and geranium.

North African spices

vegan dessertThere is a wide variety of North African spices that you can experiment with. Traditionally used for savoury foods, these spices can add an extra dimension to desserts.

Here is another 2018 food trend sneaking its way onto our list. Adding spices to desserts is by no means a new concept, but North African flavours are set to be huge this year, and can be a wonderful addition to vegan desserts. Turmeric in vegan ice cream is sublime, while cardamom with vegan white chocolate also make a delectable combination.

Seeds as flavour

vegan dessertImage credit: Brooke Lark

Seeds are a classic staple in vegan baking. Flaxseeds can be used as an egg replacement in baking, and sunflower seeds make an excellent flour. But something that is often overlooked is using seeds as flavouring. Try using sesame and chia seeds to flavour vegan custards and cream puddings.

We love this trend towards a vegan appetite and all the healthy opportunities it presents. Experiment and challenge the way you look at desserts; and most of all, happy baking!