Unity Bar

Unity Brassiere and Bar is the little sister of Durban’s legendary Cafe 1999, but despite having large shoes to fill, it holds its own in a spectacular mash-up of food and local beer. The menu is enticing and trying their signature stuffed calamata olives is a given. Delicious food is however only one of the traits that sets this bar and restaurant apart. Beer lovers can rejoice at the superior selection of craft beer on offer. Unity’s own Cowbell is a Bohemian Pilsner created together with Shongweni Brewery. In the pipeline is a brewing company of their own which will offer a range of locally crafted ales to trump any factory-made lager. They also have over 30 craft beers available by the bottle and on tap you can choose from a variety selected from Old Main Brewery in the Natal Midlands. With names like Honey Badger and Foxx Lager who can resist sampling some local flavours? If you know your ale and suds or just want to quench your thirst, then visit Unity Bar for a unique experience and a range of tastes - you are sure you find your tipple of choice. Reserve a table or get in touch on 031-201-3470 / Silvervause Centre, 117 Silverton Road, Durban. Text: Nadia van der Mescht Nadia is a creative consultant who has a passion for locally crafted products. She works with fellow creatives to build their brand, online presence and press portfolio. Creativity with integrity is her motto. Read her blog at